Fic: Cling to All You Have Left

Title: Cling to All You Have Left

Author: sunriseinspace 

Fandom: Star Trek XI

Rating: PG

Pairing: (always-a)girl!McCoy/Kirk

Summary: It's been two years since she met him on that shuttle, two years since her half-crazed, drunken rant against space and her ex, and she could swear she's seen every possible incarnation of James Kirk. This, however, is a new one.

Warnings: genderswap, deals with death of a loved one

A/N: Written for this prompt, though not part of the actual challenge.

Also: YAY!

woman -- archer

Possession — Star Trek: XI — Kirk/Spock/Uhura — NC-17

Title: Possession
Author: abi z. / azephirin
Fandom: Star Trek: XI
Pairing: Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Summary: You belong to us now.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Appearance of dub-con, but all is not as it seems. D/s, power play, spanking.
Word count: ~2200
Disclaimer: Not mine, which makes me sadder than you can possibly imagine.
Author's note: Written for this prompt; I am posting late and pleading for amnesty (and combining two suggested pairings)

( possession )
Comtesse d'Haussonville, plotting

The Charm is Broken Utterly (Adult, Bonnie/Damon)

Title: The Charm is Broken Utterly
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (tv)
Author: ninhursag
Rating: Adult
Contains: Dubious consent of the something made them do it variety (and in this case they probably would not have done it otherwise). The use of telekinetic powers for porn. Rough sex/mildish masochism. Femdom (mildish)
Summary: Bonnie and Damon are forced to have sex by a plot device a spell.

In the old stories vampires don't appear in mirrors and Bonnie wishes that were true. @lj
johnny weir

All Stories End (The Way They Should) — RPF — Girl!Johnny Weir / Nick Jonas — NC-17

Title: All Stories End (The Way They Should)
Author: azephirin / abi z.
Fandom: RPF (figure skating / JoBros)
Pairing: Girl!Johnny (Joey) Weir / Nick Jonas, background Joey / Stéphane Lambiel and Nick/OFC.
Summary: "Let's go dancing," said the firefly to the hurricane.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~2950
Warnings: Consensual defloration of a 17-year-old by someone a few years older. Overlapping pairings, but no infidelity.
Disclaimer: For a variety of reasons, this never happened.
Author's note: Part of the Born a Girl 'verse, but reads just as well on its own. Thanks to beckaandzac and fannishliss for their quick and very helpful betas.

( a promise never broken is a strange thing indeed )
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Fate of the Comm, etc

Thank you everyone who participated in the poll!

Based on the results, a few definites:

1. The story is open to all thematically appropriate stories between rounds (like, say, now!)

2. You can claim prompts from any previous round at any time. Any unclaimed prompts are available. You don't have to formally claim prompts between rounds, just write and post your story ♥. There are so many amazing looking prompts still out there, if you're looking for ideas, give them a look.

3. We will have another round of the challenge. Right now I'm thinking in the Fall sometime, but we will see.

4. re:Genderswap. I am inclined to keep the current rule (always a woman). Note that always a woman genderswap can include characters who are trans and identify as female.

5. Femslash. Still thinking about it, I must admit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

SPN Fic: The Knight's a Lady, and the Damsel's on His Knees

Title: The Knight's a Lady, and the Damsel's on His Knees
Author: mya_rofki
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Jess, Sam/OMC
Original Prompt: Jess discovers that the tall, cute guy she's had her eye on is selling himself (or alternatively, doing some kind of very hard physical work) to keep up financially while also struggling to excel in class. She somehow convinces him to let her help him out.
Warnings: Prostitution

The Knight's a Lady, and the Damsel's on His Knees
Over the Sea to Skye

Fic: SPRING FEVER (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Goren/Eames)

Better late than never, she said hopefully...? ;)

The prompt (which I never officially claimed, knowing that I probably would not be able to finish on time) was Law & Order #11: Alex is feeling a little frisky, so she jumps Bobby in the SUV.

Author: Jeannie

Fandom: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Alex Eames/Bobby Goren
Rating: Hard R for grown-ups doing grown-up things. Possibly even NC-17? I am not sure how to judge these things.
vague ones for seasons 6 and 7
Warnings: some description/discussion of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Summary: No, she tells herself. You are *not* seriously considering jumping your partner's bones right here in the parking lot in front of God and everyone.

But she kind of is.

(Link goes to my journal. Feedback is cherished!)
Comtesse d'Haussonville, plotting

And now, for this very important poll

If you participated, lurked, thought very hard about this challenge or are just driving by, please consider taking this poll! Also, if you think your flists or comms might be interested, consider single boosting if you please.

I participated in the first het_idcrack challenge

I offered prompts
I helped mod
I helped code
I wrote (or am still writing) a story

Would you participate in another challenge?

I'd only prompt
I'd prompt AND write a story (or just write a story)
I might write a story if the challenge was at a convenient time
NO. Sorry.

I would consider writing a story if the next challenge was held:

Over the summer (say late June through August)
Over the fall (September through November/early December)
Over the winter (Dec/Jan - March)
Next Spring (March - May again)
Anytime you hold it, I'm in

And now for something controversial: Genderswap (sexswap) stories

Shouldn't be allowed in this challenge, period.
Should only be allowed if one of the characters is a woman in canon and remains a woman in the story
Should only be allowed if it 'always female' genderswap (like we had in this round)
Something else I'll explain in comments

Something else controversial! Femslash?

I like the current rule (threesomes with a femslash endgame are allowed)
It's not fair that you can have femslash endgames but no boyslash endgames. Everything should be steered toward het
I think femslash fits in with the spirit of this challenge and should be allowed across the board
I have a different opinion and will explain in comments

The fate of the comm

I want the comm to be open for thematically appropriate non-challenge stories
I want the comm to only be open for challenge stories
I want the comm to only be open for challenge stories WHILE a challenge is running, but open to anything thematically appropriate between rounds

Want to tell me something else? Talk to me!

Love and happiness


You guys! We got twenty-four qualifying stories! Not too bad for a first time challenge, if you ask me ♥. Thank you for making it happen, and remember, if you didn't get a chance to finish yours, that's what the amnesty tag is for! Even if you didn't formally claim a prompt, go ahead and take one you like, we like stories.

And to everyone who prompted, claimed, wrote, helped code or mod or anything else-- you totally made this work, you guys. Thank you!

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